Psylogic Vol.3 (russian Red Rumble!)

Format: mp3
Genre: Psychedelic
Quality: VBR 128~320 kbps
Codec: Lame
# Of Cd's: 02
# Of Songs: 21
Total Time: 2:27:13
Compil. Date: summer-autumn 2006
Release Date: 17.11.2006

CD 01: (1:10:42) Full On Russian!!!

01. Aden - Matrix
02. C.P.C. Project - Mama
03. Abnormal Project - In Acid
04. C.P.C. Project - Heloween
05. Tetrium Vs. Savi4eva - Esli V Serdce Givet Joint (Mixed By Clain)
06. Barak Vs Shove - Super Mariohuana Bros (Rmx)
07. C.P.C. Project - Zaiblu
08. Via Zemlyane - Trava U Doma (Pan Psychic Rmx)
09. Abnormal Project - Overdoze
10. C.P.C. Project - Svoboda

CD 02 (1:16:30) - Here Some Mix

01. Tetrium Vs. Paul Van Dyk - The Sun Will Alive (Mixed By Clain)
02. Mafia Vs. Duran Duran - Pitufin Come Undone (Mixed By Clain)
03. Skazi - Hit 'n' Run
04. Rammstein - Links 234 (Manifold Rmx)
05. Mc Hammer - Can't Touch This (Gataka Remix)(Ya)
06. Atb - Till I Come (Psycraft Rmx)
07. Skazi Vs Psychotic Micro - Terroryzer
08. Talamasca Vs Schyzotrop - Action
09. Depeche Mode - Can You Feel
10. Infected Mushroom - Deeply I Wish
11. Tikal - Mission Impossible

Psylogic Vol.2 (play This Play That...)

Format: mp3
Genre: Psychedelic
Quality: 256 Kbps
Codec: Lame
# Of Cd's: 02
# Of Songs: 20
Total Time: 02:41:36
Compil. Date: spring 2006
Release Date: 15.05.2006

CD 01: (1:17:25)

01. Skazi Vs. G.M.S. - Boom Shankar (Remix)
02. Beathackers - Overload
03. Electro Sun Vs Bizzare Contac - Eye Contact
04. Gms Vs Karan - Goa'n Mad
05. 40% And Paranormal Attack - Babas Fritos
06. Hyper Frequencies - Erotica 7
07. Lotus Omega - Phonix
08. Paranormal Attack - Go On
09. Rinkadink && Mike Modular - Just For Kicks
10. Sirius Isness - The Other Way

CD 02 (1:19:47)

01. Paranormal Attack - Prayers
02. Bushman Feat Ace - Jitterbug
03. Exaile - X-Alive
04. D-Tek - System Activated
05. G.M.S. Vs. Soma - Reflections
06. Astrix - Eye To Eye (Gms Rmx)
07. Logic Bomb - The Third Revelation
08. Mekkanikka Vs Dj Karisma - Perfect Harmony
09. Shanti - Tingling Sensations
10. Wizzy Noise - Super Super Vitamin

Psy Logic Vol. 1 (i Like It Loud!)

Format: mp3
Genre: Psychedelic Trance (All Ways)
Quality: 256 Kbps
Codec: Lame
# Of Cd's: 02
# Of Songs: 22
Total Time: 02:37:42
Compil. Date: spring 2006
Release Date: 16.04.2006

CD 01: (1:18:33)
01. Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed (Original)
02. Skazi - Xtc Remix
03. Beat Hackers - Smells Like Teen Spirit (On Nirvana Remix)
04. Void - Dirty Mind
05. Tetrium - The Sun Will Rise
06. Paranormal Attack - Capivara
07. Talamasca Ft. Jeremy Tsunami - Take Off Man
08. Skazi Vs. G.M.S. - Boom Shankar (Remix)
09. 1200 Mics - Xtc (Gms Rmx)
10. Psyvoice - Cant Stop Us
11. Infected Mushroom - I Wish

CD 02 (1:19:05)
01. 1200 Micrograms – Mescaline
02. Skazi – Revolution Feat. Isabelle
03. Infected Mushroom – Cities Of The Future
04. Mafia – Pitufin
05. Panick – To Convert Disease Trust Me
06. Prodigy – Voodoo People (X-Ray Vs. Junya Rmx)
07. Psychotic Micro – Via Del Delor
08. Skazi – Alex Tooth (On Acid)
09. Talamasca Vs. Schyzotrop – Action
10. Tetrium – Joint
11. Void – Batman


Half-life Blue shift & Opposing force

Rollcage stage 2

Rollcage Stage II is the sequel to Rollcage. As in the original we feature cool, drive anywhere, flip over cars that race at extreme speeds. The unique driving experience offered by Rollcage is still retained and has been improved on.

Like any sequel we have more of everything - more cars, more tracks and more game modes. But, it's not just a case of more is better, we've listened to the critics of Rollcage and have gone to great lengths to make the game more fun, easy to pick up and more rewarding.

New Cars
The original Rollcage had six cars that you could race - plus Yuri's super car. Rollcage has five fictitious car manufacturers offering a total of 20 new cars to drive. Each car has a number of paint jobs on offer. You get a different set of paint jobs dependant on which difficulty you try in the league game. Some cool paint jobs can only be acquired by finding special keys in the league tracks. There's a special key hidden on every track.

New Game Modes
The main difference between the original Rollcage and Rollcage stage 2 is the sheer number of game modes available to both 1 and 2 players.

The aim of Rollcage Stage II is to offer a fun and rewarding game play experience for most occasions. Whether that's a quick blast after work (Arcade) or a challenging few hours racing (The League system) or a test of ultimate skill (Scramble). We offer the lot. With all the 2 - player games on offer as well who's going to want to play anything else after the pub?


NOTE:after instalation go to Xtras folder in this ISO file and install patch. After that use game fix from zip archive so you can play this game on Win XP.

Vodena para 2

Vidim svima se svideo programcic iz prethodnog posta zvanog Vodena para (Steam). :)

Ovog puta program koji predstavljam omogucava igranje igara koje ste skinuli preko Steama bez pokretanja samog Steama, tj. samo sacuvate folder steamapps (u koji stizu downloadovane igre) i igrate se omocu ovoga. Sve sto treba da se podesi je u File->Setting i tu nadjete gde se nalazi vas steamapps folder,klik na OK,iskljucite pa ponovo ukljucite program i to je to :)


unpack anywhere,run,set your steamapps folder in Settings menu and play! :)




ACDsee 9

Ovo je jedan od osnovnih programa koje bi trebalo svaki PC korisnik da ima instaliran. Program za pregled,katalogizaciju i jednostavnije editovanje fotografija. Podrzava veliki broj formata - od popularnih jpg/jpeg,gif i bmp do tiff,psd...

Najsvezija verzija trenutno,ispravljeno je stosta,uglavnom sve sto nije valjao u prethdnim.


I da ne zaboravim:Srecna Nova godina i Bozic! Osmeh