Simpaticna igra u kojoj gradite svemirsku stanicu. 

The player is tasked with developing a series of space stations according to the wishes of various employers. The game is set after an apocalyptic galactic war, and many of the stations are in a state of considerable disrepair. It is hinted that these space stations are essentially the last few space-based environments available to the denizens of Startopia, as most of them had been destroyed during the war.

The player has no direct control over the aliens that wander about the station. Instead, it is the player's job to construct rooms and hire aliens to staff them. The rooms provide basic necessities as well as recreation, encouraging visitors to remain on the station and continue spending money. Each type of alien is suited to a particular kind of task, and individual aliens have a set of statistics that determine their value as an employee. The actual goal for the player varies from one scenario to the next; in some scenarios, the player is expected to meet an economic goal, while in other scenarios the player is required to perform a specific task such as converting a certain number of aliens, or taking over the entire station by force.

Velicina: 510 MB


Hero Machine

Zanimljiv program za sve nas koji veze nemamo sa crtanjem :)

Vrlo jednostavno i brzo nacrtajte superheroje, fantasy i sf likove.


Have you ever been frustrated by an inability to see a character you've imagined? Are you constantly asking (all right, begging) your "artist friend" for an illustration because you can't draw a straight line with a ruler?

Now your frustrations are over! Thanks to the HeroMachine, you can dynamically create your own customized character portrait. With intuitive controls and high-quality illustrations, the HeroMachine offers millions of possible combinations that will bring your imagination alive.



Switchball is an intricate puzzle game set in a stunning 3D world. Control an ever-changing ball along a narrow winding course suspended in midair. Solve your way through challenging levels jam-packed with obstacles, traps and mazes.

* Inventive and fun puzzle-driven play based on real world physical interactions.

* Beautiful and elegant 3D graphics offer panoramic views of 30 incredible levels in 5 amazing envorinments - Skyworld, Iceworld, Caveworld, Cloudworld and Lavaworld.

* More than 40 interactive objects including wooden blocks, sheets of cloth, spinning fans, magnets, cannons and many more.

* Morph the marble into a different ball, with unique physical properties including the metalball, powerball and airball to more easily get through each area.

Velicina: 75 MB

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP
Pentium 4, 1.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
256 MB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with 64 MB RAM

Recommended Requirements:
Windows XP or Windows Vista
Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
512 MB of RAM
256 MB Direct3D-compatible 3D Video Accelerator card, SM 2.0 or later, DirectX 9.0c-compatible (ATI Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 6800)

DNA - Break out



1. Break Out
2. Masive Trance
3. Discodelic
4. No Limit
5. Kick me up (Part 2)
6. Genesis
7. Fare Away
8. Disorder
9. Get Wicked

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Naucite Flash 8 za 24 sata

Explore the depth and flexibility of Macromedia Flash 8 with Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours. Fundamental topics are presented one-by-one in a series of 24 one-hour lessons that will help you master the basics of Flash. Author Phillip Kerman, an internationally-known Macromedia trainer and multimedia expert, offers you a clearly-written, well-organized introduction to Macromedia Flash 8 without becoming too overwhelming. You will cover such subjects as:

* Drawing and Painting Original Art
* Using Motion Tween to Animate
* Animatng Using Movie Clips
* Using Actions to Create Non-Linear Movies
* Optimizing a Flash Site
* Publishing a Creation

Not only will you master the basics of Macromedia Flash 8 with Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash 8 in 24 Hours, you will also be better prepared to learn more advanced topics in the future.

World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Soundtrack

Artist....: VA
Album.....: OST World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Source....: CDDA
Type......: Sampler
Genre.....: Soundtrack
Encoder...: Lame 3.90.3
Quality...: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint
Size.........: 110 MB


01.the burning legion (main title)
02.shards of the exodar
03.the sin'dorei
04.the dark portal (cinematic intro)
08.caverns of time - the battle of mount hyjal
09.azuremyst isle
10.silvermoon city
12.caverns of time - the escape from durnholde
13.outland suite
14.the tower of karazhan
16.caverns of time - opening of the dark portal
18.the gates of ahn'qiraj
19.shadow of the necropolis
21.lament of the highborne


Flash 8 for dummies

Knjiga je na engleskom

Make the Web interactive with your own animations

Liven up your Web site with graphics that move, buttons that light up, and more

Flash is fun - and this book makes it easy whether you're using a Mac® or Windows®. Fill letters with images, create buttons that glow or change color when you pass your mouse over them, play video and sound files, morph objects into different ones, and do dozens of other things to make your site flashier.

Discover how to
* Create animated text
* Find sample Flash files
* Explore links to additional information
* Add sound and video
* Build great user interfaces
* Publish your Flash files

4.8 MB 


Bizzare contact - Plastic fantastic


1. Love simulation
2. Run away
3. Drop it
4. Horizon
5. Plastic fantastic
6. Twisted
7. Cant stop
8. RT shock
9. Creative world



Wallpaperi - Team fortress 2

Team fortress 2
19 wallpapera

Infected Mushroom - Vicious delicious

vicious delicious

01 Becoming Insane
02 Artillery
03 Vicious Delicious
04 Heavyweight
05 Suliman
06 Forgive Me
07 Special Place
08 In Front Of Me
09 Eat It Raw
10 Change The Formality
11 Before