Dungeon Master's Guide: Core Rulebook II

Weave exciting tales of heroism filled with magic and monsters. Within these pages, you’ll discover the tools and options you need to create detailed worlds and dynamic adventures for your players to experience in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

The revised Dungeon Master's Guide is an essential rulebook for Dungeon Masters of the D&D game. The Dungeon Master's Guide has been reorganized to be more user friendly. It features information on running a D&D game, adjudicating play, writing adventures, nonplayer characters (including nonplayer character classes), running a campaign, characters, magic items (including intelligent and cursed items, and artifacts), and a dictionary of special abilities and conditions. Changes have been made to the item creation rules and pricing, and prestige classes new to the Dungeon Master's Guide are included (over 10 prestige classes). The revision includes expanded advice on how to run a campaign and instructs players on how to take full advantage of the tie-in D&D miniatures line.


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Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook I (Dungeons & Dragons, Edition 3.5)

This Revised Edition (also called 3.5) of one-third of the Dungeons & Dragons trinity of core rulebooks (the other two being The Dungeon Master's Guide and The Monster Manual) contains errata, rules updates, and outright changes to the already-published Third Edition rules. The majority of changes are made in a quest for the holy grail of game rules: balance. To prevent boredom and enable creative choices, no single ability, spell, character class, or weapon should have an overwhelming advantage over another. So what has changed?

* The spells Harm, Heal, and Haste have been toned down. Other spells have been adjusted or renamed.
* Weapons are classified by the Size of the intended wielder, not the size of the individual weapons. A noteworthy effect of this new weapon size system is that Small characters can wield small-size greatswords, longswords, longspears (with reach), and other two-handed weapons.
* Classes have been tweaked. Bards and rangers received the most changes.
* New feats have been added (some original, some from the builder books), and some feats have been altered (a Power Attack now gives double benefit for two-handed weapons).
* Redundant skills have been rolled into one (such as sense motive and read lips) while others have been renamed (such as "wilderness lore" becoming "survival"). Skill synergies have been expanded and knowledge skills now include appropriate monster lore.

In addition to outright rules changes and tweaks, much of the core rule content has been clarified and updated with 3E errata. The combat section, in particular, is organized much better. Even the dreaded grapple rules are now relatively clear. A much-appreciated import from the D&D Miniatures game are new and simple rules for cover and line of sight, as well as clear photographic illustrations of the concepts of facing, attacks of opportunity, and reach.

All in all, 3.5 is a welcome update. The typographical errors are forgivable, given the extent of the update. The new options available to players (in the form of new class features and feats) make the play experience more fun. Veterans will enjoy re-learning the game they love and exploring all the new character possibilities. Perhaps more importantly, they'll find that introducing new gamers to the admittedly formidable D&D ruleset is easier with 3.5 than it was with 3E--call it a +2 circumstance bonus. --Mike Fehlauer

Book Description
Endless adventure and untold excitement await! Prepare to venture forth with your bold compaions into a world of heroic fantasy. Within these pages, you'll discover all the tools and options you need to create characters worthy of song and legend for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

The revised Player's Handbook is the definitive rulebook for the Dungeons & Dragons game. It contains complete rules for the newest edition and is an essential purchase for anyone who wants to play the game.

The revised Player's Handbook received revisions to character classes to make them more balanced, including updates to the bard, druid, monk, paladin, and ranger. Spell lists for characters have been revised and some spell levels adjusted. Skills have been consolidated somewhat and clarified. A larger number of feats have been added to give even more options for character customization in this area. In addition, the new and revised content instructs players on how to take full advantage of the tie-in D&D miniatures line planned to release in the fall of 2003 from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


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Kung Pow enter the fist

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is a movie within a movie, created to spoof the martial arts genre. Writer/director Steve Oedekerk uses contemporary characters and splices them into a 1970s kung-fu film, weaving the new and old together. As the main character, The Chosen One, Oedekerk sets off to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of kung-fu legend Master Pain. Along the way, he encounters some strange characters, one of which is a cow trained in the martial arts.




Preporucujem ovo, jedan od najjacih filmova ikad. Ove godine bi trebalo da izadje nastavak.

Black & White

Black & White ISO
Black & White is a role-playing game unlike any other you've played before. You play the role of a deity in a land where the surroundings are yours to shape and its people are yours to lord over. Be an evil, malevolent god and the natives will worship you with fear in their eyes. Play as a kind, benevolent god and they will worship you with love in their hearts. Your actions decide whether you create a heaven or hell for your worshipers. Then select a creature from the land to act as your representative in the world. Raise it to gigantic proportions and teach it to do your bidding--whether the animal grows into an evil colossus of mass destruction or a kind and gentle giant is up to you. Progress through the game's rich storyline performing powerful miracles to battle other deities and become the world's supreme god.

Password : ewares.org

Sins of a solar empire



Shadowgrounds Survivor

Developed by: Frozenbyte
Published by: Meridian4
Genre: Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person
Language: English
Release date: 02.02.2008
Size: 260 Mb

Shadowgrounds Survivor is a spin-off/sequel to the underground PC hit Shadowgrounds and will be available at retail outlets and online later this year.
Shadowgrounds Survivor tells the story of three survivors who join forces with the last remaining human resistance in the heated battle against the ongoing alien onslaught. The acclaimed atmosphere and gameplay mechanics of the original Shadowgrounds make a triumphant return armed with a new feature set!
- 3 playable characters, each with impressive new tactics
- RPG-like upgrade system for weapons and characters; including special attacks such as the all-engrossing Napalm Flame and the mighty Brute Slayer.
- New gameplay features such as the Sentry Turret and the powerful Mech!
- Campaign mode short of filler and full of action, running parallel to the Shadowgrounds story and expanding it to new locations, including snow and ice environments, gritty sewers and the suffering New Atlantis colony
- Survival mode where the player is pitted against hordes of alien monsters – the clock is ticking and they just keep on coming!
- New graphics enhancements, including raging snowstorm effects, new weapon effects and much more!
- Integrated physics that bring the world alive with hundreds of physics objects, taking the destruction to the next level
- New original soundtrack composed by praised Shadowgrounds composer Ari Pulkkinen
- On-disc Editor tools, sample missions and modding Wiki for easy modding; take part in the Shadowgrounds mod community and create mods for the Campaign or the Survival mode – or just enjoy the results of others!



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Ministry Of Sound - Hardcore Euphoria


CD1 :
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Audiolush – Take Me Away (Sy & Unknown remix)
Jamie Ritmen – Amnesia (Sy & Unknown remix)
Insight – If That’s Alright With You 2006
Joey Riot – Jumpin’ Pumpin’
Rocco – I Don’t Know (Sy & Unknown remix)
Sy & Unknown feat. Lou Lou - Dancing In The Shadows
Content X – You Heal Me (Sy & Unknown remix)
Sy & Unknown – Dangerzone
Sy & Unknown – Product Of The Devil 2006
DJ Kurt – Beatz Control
Sy & Unknown feat. Lou Lou - Just Close Your Mind
Sy & Unknown - Closer To Heaven
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Dandy Crouch feat Shelly - Emotions & Dreams (Kurt remix)

CD2 :
Gammer & Cat Knight – A New Feeling (Let It Shine)
Dougal & Gammer – Deadbeat
Dougal, Gammer & Jenna – When I Close My Eyes
Dougal & Gammer – The Beat, The Bass
Dougal, Gammer & Lisa Abbot – Stop The Clock
Squad-E – My Direction (Essential Platinum Remix)
Dougal & Gammer – This Is A [ This is spam please report ]
Kurt – Space Odyssey 2006
Dougal, Gammer & Lisa Marie – Heaven Calls
Trinity – In Dreams (Essential Platinum Remix)
Dougal and Gammer – Pump Up The Noise 2006
DJ Fear and Lisa Abbot – Don’t Walk Away
Dougal & Gammer – Brainstorm
Styles, Dougal and Lisa Marie – Still The One (Gammers Muffin Mix)
United In Dance – Boom Daka
Marc Smith & Gammer – Pump This Party
Cube::Hard – Music Of The Primes (Gammer Edit)
Transit – Count The Hours (Essential Platinum Marmite)

CD3 :
Brisk & Ham feat Lisa Marie – Angel
Brisk & Vagabond – Eurolove
Ham - Listen To The Beat
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Druid & Stormtrooper - Pump This Party
Double Dutch - Dance & Spin
Stormtrooper - One More
Supermode - Tell Me Why (Vagabond Rmx)
Steve Hill Vs D10 - Cold As Ice (Weaver & Suae Rmx)
Brisk & Vagabond - Into The Sunlight
Acolyte & Sean Apollo - We Don't Stop
Euphoria feat Tais - The Rush Is Mine
Gammer & Obie - Keep Em Dancing
Heaven 7 - Kontakt DJ
Scott Brown - Goodbye My Friend
Solapse - Nobody Likes It
Ham - Detonate This Sound
Dreadhed - Too Damn High
Brisk & Vagabond - Nation To Nation
Tha Playah - ~censored~ The Titties (Tommyknocker & The Viper Rmx)
Hard Creation - I Will Have That Power (Stunned Guys Rmx)



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