Audiosurf je igra u kojoj se bukvalno vozito po muzici. Ucitate pesmu sa kompa i igra generise stazu na osnovu tempa i ritma pa sve izgleda kao jedna velika vizuelizacija. Radi sa svim vrstama muzika i prepoznaje najpoznatije formate (mp3, ogg, flac...). Ima oko 10 modova igre i tri tezine, a mozete i da kacite svoje najbolje rezultate na Internet i da uporedjujete sa drugim igracima (za svaku pesmu se pravi odvojena high score lista).

1. Mount the "asrym-dtn.bin" file in daemon tools.
2. Install the game.
3. Play the game (No crack or serial is needed)



unrar to game's folder (confirm overwrite of files) - needed if you want to be able to send highscores 

Geometry Wars (Retro evolved)

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is a old school style shooter, but remixed for the 21st century with next generation graphics and deep, modern gameplay. Playing is simple: you are a geometric "ship" trapped in a grid world, facing off against waves of deadly wanderers, snakes, and repulsars. Your aim is to survive long enough to set a high score!

Fighting shapesAvoid the spawning enemies, and shoot them down for points. You can also fire smart bombs, which destroy all bad guys on the screen. Save these up for when the going gets really tough!

The more bad guys you kill, the higher your score multiplier goes (2x, 4x, etc.). The higher your multiplier, the more you can score. But don't die, as you lose your multiplier and have to build it up again from scratch!

.................................................. .......
Unrar & play, no crack needed
 velicina: 47 MB 

Garry's mod 10

Garry's mod (ili Gmod) je sandbox mod za Source engine. Nema nikakav predefinisani cilj, vec je samo bitno da se igrac zabavi. Na raspolaganju imate dosta alata pomocu kojih mozete da pravite razne skalamerije kao sto je automobil od kade (koji jos moze i da se vozi), ugradjen je i face poser a dobijaju se i razni modeli iz Half-life 2.



standalone, no-Steam verzija igre,samo instalirate i moze odmah da se igra


Counter-strike Source (110 MB)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic(205 MB)

Day of Defeat (90 MB)

Megapack (123 MB)
*GmodPlusPack V1.0
*Hunt's Mod: Next Generation V1.0
*Military Models Pack V 1.0
*PhoeniX-Storm's Premium Model Pack V2.02
*SandBox - Gore Version V1.26
*Sharks Character Mod V2.0
*SourceForts Mod Models V1.0
*VMod V 1.3B
*W40K Dawn of War Models V1.2

Hard to be a god

 Reduced: 42% of original size [ 1200 x 960 ] - Click to view full image

Download 1:


Download 2:


velicina: 1.4 GB 


For 200 years we have been mining our solar system's asteroid belt in peace. All that changed the day the Krainian Empire invaded our outer territories! Darkside is a sci-fi based shoot 'em up, filled with hundreds of massive asteroids. Fly in and out of their dark sides as you battle a host of alien hostiles, watching for orbiting chunks of rock and blasting them into oblivion! It's time to hop into your ArkLight X-52 and take the fight back to the enemy, one battle at a time, in Darkside! 

Fantasy Wars

Taking place in a fantasy world of Human kingdoms, Orc clans, Dwarfs' citadels and Elven forests the player is thrust into a world of war and legend. Play the role of an Orc or Goblin boss, a captain of the Human army or lead the elite forces of the Elven army. Participate in castle sieges and village defense, assault and reconnaissance operations and swift raids. To be victorious remember that the amount and experience of troops is not always the key factor, organize cooperation between different types of units and use the landscape to achieve strategic superiority.


Simpaticna igra u kojoj gradite svemirsku stanicu. 

The player is tasked with developing a series of space stations according to the wishes of various employers. The game is set after an apocalyptic galactic war, and many of the stations are in a state of considerable disrepair. It is hinted that these space stations are essentially the last few space-based environments available to the denizens of Startopia, as most of them had been destroyed during the war.

The player has no direct control over the aliens that wander about the station. Instead, it is the player's job to construct rooms and hire aliens to staff them. The rooms provide basic necessities as well as recreation, encouraging visitors to remain on the station and continue spending money. Each type of alien is suited to a particular kind of task, and individual aliens have a set of statistics that determine their value as an employee. The actual goal for the player varies from one scenario to the next; in some scenarios, the player is expected to meet an economic goal, while in other scenarios the player is required to perform a specific task such as converting a certain number of aliens, or taking over the entire station by force.

Velicina: 510 MB



Switchball is an intricate puzzle game set in a stunning 3D world. Control an ever-changing ball along a narrow winding course suspended in midair. Solve your way through challenging levels jam-packed with obstacles, traps and mazes.

* Inventive and fun puzzle-driven play based on real world physical interactions.

* Beautiful and elegant 3D graphics offer panoramic views of 30 incredible levels in 5 amazing envorinments - Skyworld, Iceworld, Caveworld, Cloudworld and Lavaworld.

* More than 40 interactive objects including wooden blocks, sheets of cloth, spinning fans, magnets, cannons and many more.

* Morph the marble into a different ball, with unique physical properties including the metalball, powerball and airball to more easily get through each area.

Velicina: 75 MB

Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP
Pentium 4, 1.3 GHz or AMD equivalent
256 MB of RAM
DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with 64 MB RAM

Recommended Requirements:
Windows XP or Windows Vista
Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
512 MB of RAM
256 MB Direct3D-compatible 3D Video Accelerator card, SM 2.0 or later, DirectX 9.0c-compatible (ATI Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 6800)