Audiosurf je igra u kojoj se bukvalno vozito po muzici. Ucitate pesmu sa kompa i igra generise stazu na osnovu tempa i ritma pa sve izgleda kao jedna velika vizuelizacija. Radi sa svim vrstama muzika i prepoznaje najpoznatije formate (mp3, ogg, flac...). Ima oko 10 modova igre i tri tezine, a mozete i da kacite svoje najbolje rezultate na Internet i da uporedjujete sa drugim igracima (za svaku pesmu se pravi odvojena high score lista).

1. Mount the "asrym-dtn.bin" file in daemon tools.
2. Install the game.
3. Play the game (No crack or serial is needed)



unrar to game's folder (confirm overwrite of files) - needed if you want to be able to send highscores 

Geometry Wars (Retro evolved)

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is a old school style shooter, but remixed for the 21st century with next generation graphics and deep, modern gameplay. Playing is simple: you are a geometric "ship" trapped in a grid world, facing off against waves of deadly wanderers, snakes, and repulsars. Your aim is to survive long enough to set a high score!

Fighting shapesAvoid the spawning enemies, and shoot them down for points. You can also fire smart bombs, which destroy all bad guys on the screen. Save these up for when the going gets really tough!

The more bad guys you kill, the higher your score multiplier goes (2x, 4x, etc.). The higher your multiplier, the more you can score. But don't die, as you lose your multiplier and have to build it up again from scratch!

.................................................. .......
Unrar & play, no crack needed
 velicina: 47 MB