Cyberwlf's February 2006 'infinite Solution' Mix Set

Cyberwlf's February 2006 DarkPsy Mix Set:

Based on the set Cyberwlf played at the recent festival Recommended Solutions 4, where he played alongside the likes of Artax, Hefty Output, Sensient, and more.

Cyberwlf biography:

From regular party goer turn DJ/Promoter/Organiser and Internet Radio show host, Cyberwlf has been listening to electronic music since the late 80s. Natural progression lead him to Goa-trance and then later on PsyTrance as well. Being a fan of Industrial, Metal, and Alternative music, Dark Psychedelic Trance became an instant love for him, and something he has already spent many years exploring.

He has often had the opportunity to be the first to introduce the sound to parties which had never before featured them and holds the unique talent of being able to show those who would normally dismiss the darker genre to the true psychedelic nature of the sound, with both normal dancers and also established DJs and Artists who normally disregard the style recognising the sets for its psychedelic qualities and enjoying the tunes, as well as still being loved by those already fans of the style.

He has been an organiser and promoter for both indoor and outdoor Psychedelic Trance parties since 2001. Since 2003 he has organised parties which have maintained a focus on hard and dark psychedelic music, having hosted events featuring the likes of Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Illusion of Self, Gappeq, Pondscum, Legohead, and many more. Since 2001 he has also run an Internet-based radio show, PsyKe Out, which has built it's reputation for playing all the very latest and best in dark and twisted psychedelic night music.

Starting from 2004 he launched his DJ career into the limelight and between then and 2006 he played indoor and outdoor events along the Eastern Coast of Australia, playing at times some of the largest outdoor parties around Sydney Australia, as well as headlining the NYE party in Byron Bay for 06/07, and also playing in the French island of New Caledonia.

2007 saw him continue to play gigs up and down the east coast of Australia, in Florence Italy, as well as playing and headlining a variety of gigs at both indoor events and festivals in England and Wales. It also saw him featured in the Japanese trance magazine, Sonic Traveller. In 2008 he has already played in various parts of England and recently headlined the France Trance 3 Festival in the south of France. Amongst other upcoming gigs he will be playing at a festival in the Czech Republic in August this year. He also is now a reviewer of dark psychedelic trance releases for the UK-based print publication, Revolve magazine.

Between September till November 2008 Cyberwlf will be spending time in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

He has played alongside the likes of artists including Naked Tourist, Scorb, Gappeq, Hefty Output, Noise Colour, Crazy Ducks, Rinkadink, Visual Paradox, Artax, Reality Grid, Sensient, Psyboriginal, Hired Goonz, Siaqua, Mantrix, Insane Creation, John Phantasm, Danz Muzik Terrarizt, Mood Deluxe, Sinewave, M-Theory, Hoodwink, Brain Bokka, Metal Wizard, Dream Weaver, Meltdown, Third Drop Reflection, Sensum, Sol Connection & Sunrunner, and many others.

128kbps mp3, 1 hour 55 mins Set

Track Listing:
1. Noise Gust - Phenix
2. Naked Tourist Vs Highko - Divine Blast
3. Kerosene Club - Baba Cannibal
4. Horror Place - Phenix
5. The Galactic Brain - Mind Manifest
6. Kindzadza - Purple Eye
7. Kindzadza - Ritm Corr
8. Penta - Noise Complaint
9. Osom - Compos Mentis
10. Highcosmos - Digital Patty
11. Highko - Oh No Remix
12. Highcosmos - Killer Track
13. Silent Horror - Placid On Acid
14. Highcosmos - Dope Junkiez
15. Savage Scream - X-Mash (Devils Mind Remix)
16. Highko - Ultra Violent
17. Phobium - Transfiguration
18. Cosmo - XXX-Perimental
19. Metallaxis - Evil Thing