BPM - Beat freak

Artist______ : BPM
Album_______ : Beat Freak (PTRCD014)
Year________ : 2008
Genre_______ : Psychedelic
Country_______: Serbia
Company_____ : Psytropic Records
Catalognr___ : PTRCD014
Tracks______ : 07
Size________ : 126,5 MB
Playtime____ : 55:11 min
Quality_____ : 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Streetdate__ : 19.08.2008
Release Date : 22.08.2008
Grabber_____ : EAC
Type________ : EP
Source______ : CDDA
Encoder_____ : Lame 3.97
01.One [06:55]
02.Different Form Others [07:39]
03.Form Lead to Lead [07:41]
04.Sunrise [07:43]
05.Beat Freak [08:13]

Total Time : 38:11 Min

B1.Fire Line [08:22]
B2.Harder Better Faster Stronger [08:38]

: BPM are Aleksandar Lazarevic (1988) and Gradimir Kedzic (1989), two O
amaizingly talented young producers from Serbia.

They started with production since early teens and began their
cooperation by the begining of 2007.
In short period they develope unique sound which won't leave u
Powerfull night psychedelic groove beat with morning emotional
melodys spiced with gorgeus vocals and wicked sounds, which will
bring heaven and hell on danceflor...
In only few months because of their great music and unique style
they played Dj Sets and Live acts together on partys with big names
of world trance scene such as: Astrix, Bizzare Contact, Ananda
Shake, Psycraft, Pixel, Talamasca, X-Dream, Alternative Control,
Azax Syndrom, Astral Projection, Sesto Sento, Atma and many more...
A few days ago they allready released their first singles and EP
with 5 tracks on psycore and psytropic record labels, and we are
bringing it to u now , with additional 2 bonus tracks ( B1 and B2 )
as a personal gift and promo tracks for the upcoming album "System
Activated" with 9 tracks, that will be released in first days of
October 2008 year.

This is only beginning of one big rising star...


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