Mister Youth - Unreleased tracks


Mister Youth is the new weapon of the french label "MIND CONTROL RECORDS". His tracks ar clearly designed to make people crazy on the dancefloor, send them waves of madness through sounds !!! While you are sitting in front ofyour screen, while you are reading this text and while you are listening the music, you may begin to feel the power of Mister Youth music...and if you keep listening, you will soon realise that you are beginning to be obsessed by this mister youth music.....as he became now a new "MIND CONTROLLER" !!!

Artist......: Mister Youth
Album/Title.: Unreleased Tracks
Style.......: Psychedelic
Quality.....: 320kbps / 44.1kHz
Playtime....: 29:56 min
Size........: 68,6 MB

1. Mister Youth - Abduction (8:03)
2. Mister Youth - Game Over (Feat. DSP) (7:24)
3. Mister Youth - Invasions (6:59)
4. Mister Youth Vs Mesmerizer - Maximum Overdrive (7:30)