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Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon is a PC based game that is derived from the Monopoly board game, published in 2001. However instead of using dice, this relies more on the speed and innovativeness of the players. In the standard mode the user plays against the AI opponents. In the multiplayer version, players go against other online players in order to gain victory.

There are various levels with varying difficulty. Some involve just financial prosperity of the businesses while others involve success in the political arena. But the primary objective of most levels is to accumulate the most wealth in the given time.
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Monopoly [Odgovori]

Istekao je link, bilo bi super kad bi mogao opet da stavis link koji radi. Posto me bas zanima ova igrica

Comment by UltrA (01/16/2007 02:36)

istekao link [Odgovori]

I ja bih volela da nađem neki pristojni monopoly, ali nisam dovoljno iskusna pa mi treba pomoć. Javite ako nađete nešto

Comment by Ica (07/10/2007 00:49)


Comment by Mozda ovo od pomoci >) (01/10/2008 14:47)

Budjavo [Odgovori]

ova igrica je najbudjavija pa je za to ne igram cuo sam za nju ko hoce da dobije od mene Naruto igricu nek mi posalje preko ovoga

Comment by Aleksa (12/16/2008 23:25)



Comment by nenad (06/08/2009 09:08)

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