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Thrill Kill (PSX)


Zvanicno najnasilnija igra ikada! Tabacina za 2 do 4 igraca za prvi Playstation, radi dobro preko emulatora. 

Eight fighters, eight souls. Each has died and descended into Hell - except it’s not the classical Dante’s Hell. It’s a modern day Hell based on the real world of today’s deviants. The characters are the physical manifestations of their mental illnesses or vices on earth. Marukka, the God of Secrets, is bored and decided that it would be fun to pit them all against each other with the prize being rebirth. Each character is battling for nothing more than self-preservation and the hope to be born again.

What happened?
Thrill Kill was the first four player fighting game for the Playstation, developed by Paradox and published by Virgin Interactive. It was revolutionary at the time for its unique fighting engine and over-the-top violence. However, when Virgin Interactive closed its doors, all rights to their game library were purchased by Electronic Arts. EA saw the violence and sexual themes as inappropriate for the public at the time and decided to shelve this game forever. Personally, I believe they did this to look like some sort of "good guy" in the eyes of the public, even though they have released games much more violent since then. For more information on Thrill Kill and why it was cancelled, here is an article from Next Generation Online. In it, they interview Thrill Kill producter Harvard Bonin and talk, in-depth, about EA's decision.

vise o igri (info,screenshots):


Archive password: X-Head_PSX


raspakivanjem rar file-ova, dobio sam *.bin i *.cue, sta sad sa njima???

Comment by deki (03/17/2007 00:38)


Otvori pomocu Daemon Tools ili Alcohol 120%

To su image fajlovi (ceo cd u jednom fajlu) koje otvaras pomocu dva programa koja sam pomenuo, a Alcohol moze i da ti ih nareze na CD pa da normalno radi.

Comment by 3LANCER (03/18/2007 18:09)


Svaka cast

Comment by stank (10/13/2007 03:30)

nemam pojma [Odgovori]

kako se brate skidaju ove igrice

Comment by sergej (01/25/2008 17:07)


to sve zavisi od sajta na kom su hostovane

inace trenutni linkovi za Thrill kill ne rade, pokusavam da nadjem nove

Comment by dlmania (01/26/2008 16:32)

Rajkino poselo [Odgovori]

Svaka cast za ovu igru, to sam igrala sa 11 godina sa tatom i uvek sam pobedjivala :)

Comment by Rajka (09/09/2008 17:30)

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