Sreda, April 09, 2008


Darwinia does not fall into any one game genre, as it mixes elements from strategy, action, puzzle, hacker, and God games alike. Its retro styling coupled with colourful 3D design is unlike most games on the market, and its simple, intuitive gameplay is mysteriously profound. The player has the ability to run several programs through the Task Manager. The Squad program will give the player a close up action and stealth game, aiming and firing both primary and secondary weapons. The Engineer program can then reprogram buildings and collect Souls from the destroyed Virus to create Darwinians. The Officer program allows you to indirectly order the masses of Darwinians to run, occupy, and even attack, reminiscent of Lemmings. Strategy is required whether you use commando raids or control large battles. Research allows the player to develop bigger and better weapons, as the enemy viruses also get bigger and better. All this to complete Mission Objectives at a Location, as the player and the Darwinians wipe out the Virus in a Great War.

velicina: 120 MB 

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