Utorak, Jun 17, 2008

Dark Fall

"There is something here, a power, in here with us...." : Returning from work you are met by a frantic and cryptic message from your brother, a talented architect developing the old station at Dowerton, in Dorset. April Fool's Day had been and gone, so you decide that something is up. Boarding a train at London's Paddington Station you travel to the old station alone, wondering what adventure may greet you..."

Why do you fall asleep on the train and find yourself in the train tunnel?
Exploring the station, and adjoining hotel, you discover you are not alone....
The buildings themselves hide a history of disappearances and hauntings dating back centuries. Time appears to repeating itself, but what is your role in all this? Were you chosen for this task? What is the “Dark Fall”?
Armed with ghost hunting gadgets and your wits, you set out to uncover this puzzle.... a little involuntarily.


Size: 550 MB

Genre: Horror point&click adventure

Plays directly from disk 


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