Duke Nukem 3D


time to kick some ass and chew some bubblegum

Boss 1: Who... the... hell... are you?
[Duke shoots the bosses' head and kills him]
Duke Nukem: I'm Duke Nukem. And I'm coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!

Duke Nukem 3d Atomic for WinXP FULL with add-ons

This Package contains:

1 - Duke Nukem 3d "Atomic Edition" - The original game
The four classic episodes

2 - Duke Nukem 3d "Caribbean - Life`s a Beach"
New MP-maps in The second episode,
and the third episode is replaced by great new
SP-Levels with new weapons and funny new sounds
and enemies

3 - Duke Nukem 3d "Nuclear Winter"
a great new second episode with new stuff

4 - Duke Nukem 3d "Duke it out in D.C."
a new SP-episode (must have!)

5 - Duke Nukem 3d "Penthouse Paradise"
one new level with hot Penthouse-models

6 - Duke Nukem 3d "The Gate" - a total conversation
with four complete new episodes

7 - Duke Nukem 3d "Duke!Zone" - a total conversation
with three new episodes

8 - Duke Nukem 3d "Duke Xtreme" - a total conversation
new weapons in three single- and one multiplayer-episodes