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World of Warcraft soundtrack

01. Main Title: Legends Of Azeroth (World Theme)
02. The Shaping Of The World (World Theme)
03. Legacy (World Theme)
04. Song Of Elune (World Theme)
05. Echoes (World Theme)
06. A Call To Arms (World Theme)
07. Intro Movie: Seasons Of War (World Theme)
08. Stormwind (City Theme)
09. Orgrimmar (City Theme)
10. The Undercity (City Theme)
11. Thunder Bluff (City Theme)
12. Darnassus (City Theme)
13. Ironforge (City Theme)
14. Elwynn Forest (Ambient Music)
15. Duskwood (Ambient Music)
16. Dun Morogh (Ambient Music)
17. Burning Steppes (Ambient Music)
18. Shimmering Flats (Ambient Music)
19. Felwood (Ambient Music)
20. Stranglethorn Vale (Ambient Music)
21. Tanaris (Ambient Music)
22. Teldrassil (Ambient Music)
23. Tavern (Intro Cue)
24. Moonfall (Intro Cue)
25. Ruins (Intro Cue)
26. Temple (Intro Cue)
27. Lurking (Intro Cue)
28. Sacred (Intro Cue)
29. Graveyard (Intro Cue)
30. War (Intro Cue)

Bitrate: 200KbpsVBR
Size: 108Mb



da li bi mogao naci soundtrack za film Casino Royale (james bong)?


Comment by milan (02/25/2008 15:15)

Andre [Odgovori]


thank you for uploading.

the problem is, i cant extract it :((

i change the ending in .rar,
but it does not work.

can you help me?

greetings from germany!

Comment by Andre (03/22/2009 14:46)


Try extracting with 7zip

Comment by dlmania (03/23/2009 12:22)

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