Novosti iz Blizzarda

Dve novosti iz Blizzarda:

1. Warcraft: Heroes of Azeroth! Igra koja ce produbiti pricu o nastanku Alijanse.


2. Kapa od Aluminijumske folije! "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you" slogan pod kojim se reklamira novi predmet u Burning Crusadeu, Tinfoil Hat. On vam omogucava da se odbranite od kontrole uma i daje jos neke bonuse a i sakriva vas profil sa Armoury web sajta. Statistike:

Tinfoil Hat
Binds when equipped
Cloth Head
10 Armor
-10 Intellect
+10 Spirit
Durability: 5/5
Requires Level 10
Equip: Hides the wearer's profile from the Armory.
Equip: Allows the wearer to see "the truth." May lead to an incontrollable urge to share "the truth" with others.
Use: Grants the wearer immunity to all forms of mind control for the next 10 sec...or does it?

"On behalf of the International Gnomish Conspiracy, I've got to inform you that we're almost out of tinfoil."
Requires Tin Bar (99), Fused Wiring (4), Troll Tears (8), Heavy Leather (4), Star Ruby

strana posvecena novom predmetu: link

Objasnjenje svega ovoga: danas je 1. april, a Blizzard voli da zbija prvoaprilske sale (setite se kada su najavili Starcraft 2 ili Pandarene kao novu rasu u WoW-u). Za prvu pricu je sigurno d aje sala, moguce da je tacno i za drugu. Istina je negde tamo...


Techno top 100 Vol.8

Artist: VA
Title: Techno Top 100 Vol.8
Label: Quadrophon
Genre: Techno
Release Date: 22 Sep 2006
Source: CDDA
# Tracks: 100
# CDs: 2
Lenght: 02.34.04
Encoder: Lame 3.90
Quality: 192 kbps / VBR
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Tags: ID3 v1.0, ID3 v2.3
Archive size: 226 mb

cd 01:
01. DJ Isaac & DJ Zany - What U Need
02. Headfucker - Flashes
03. Showtek Vs. Gizmo - 3 the Hard Way
04. Ya-Ya - Eclipse
05. Lady Sin Vs Mc Hughie Babe - Kill the Bitch
06. Cuba Club - Cuba
07. A-Lusion Feat Mc Villian - Get Smacked
08. Da Blaze - Freestyle
09. DJ Isaac & DJ Zany - Desire
10. D.Sonar & J. DJ - You Are My Life
11. Ripper - Brain ~Censored~
12. Brisby & Jingles - Here We Go
13. Twisted Maniacs - I Am Darkness
14. Jts - Illogicla Humm
15. Max Force - Surrender
16. D-Code - My House is Your House
17. Brothers of Hardstyle - Cozmick Kick
18. Djanny Project - Kick Some Ass
19. Donkey Rollers - Followers
20. Miss N Traxx - No Hagas El Indio
21. The Pitcher - Banging
22. Sisma DJ - Technopower
23. DJ Act - Qt 13
24. Real Big Fish - Body Rock
25. Twisted Maniacs - Pennywise
26. Acti & Coca - ~Censored~ with the Beatz
27. Activator Feat. K-Project - Domination
28. Donkey Rollers - No One Can Stop Us
29. Max Force - ~Censored~ Me on the Dancefloor
30. Mind Hunterz - Hard
31. DJ Coone - Infected
32. C-90 Feat. Red Monkey - Yo Dj!
33. Deepack & the Prophet - Stampuh!
34. DJ N3ck Vs Caffeine - Hard Onez Bitch
35. Sisma DJ - Da Bizz
36. A-Lusion Vs Nightkiller - More Action
37. Candyman - Gone
38. Felix Project - I Like You
39. DJ Kutski - The Underground
40. DJ Ruthless Vs Gj Warez - Technobells
41. Duco Vs the Bazz Pimpz - Make Noise
42. Jeckyll & Hide - Frozen Flame
43. Psycho Brothers - Rock this Place
44. The Daywalker - Rhythmatic
45. Thomas Trouble - Who's Your Daddy
46. Tornadozzer - Hey Bitch
47. Vorwerk - Cambodia
48. Jeckyll & Hide - Flipside
49. DJ Coone - Gonna Cum
50. Jordi Vagas Vs. Rewire - Push it

cd 02:
01. Showtek - Colour of Harder Style
02. Brian M Vs Mcbunn - Each One
03. D.Sonar & J. DJ - Disco Hypno
04. DJ Zany - Widowmaker
05. Project Deviate - Flash
06. Candyman - Fun Tonight
07. Rewire - Physical
08. DJ Tony - Siony
09. Headhunterz - Aiming
10. Smashing Guys - Darkness
11. DJ Mystery - Motherf*cker
12. A-Lusion Vs Overdrive - Give Me Your Soul Tonight
13. Dutch Masters - Take Some
14. Stressfaktor - Iґm the Master
15. Zairon - Superstar
16. Gerardo Roschini - Destroy
17. Sonic Ti - In My Head
18. Zairon - Payback
19. Overload - Overload
20. DJ Zany - Deep Inside
21. Gerardo Roschini - Rollerock
22. Philippe Rochard Meets Nu-Pulse - Kizza
23. Max B. Grant - Hardstyle Champion
24. Luna - Cut the Break
25. DJ Tony - Squelch
26. Headliner - Speaky
27. The Prophet & DJ Duro - Shizzle the Remix
28. DJ Mystery - Djґs Bitch
29. DJ Zany - Science & Religion
30. Clive King - Iґll Bazz Ya
31. Brian M Vs Mcbunn - Go Deeper
32. Showtek - Puta Madre
33. A-Lusion - Perfect it
34. Blademasters - Masterblade
35. Mario Busatto - Pronto!
36. Polycarpus - The Partyfiller
37. Next Generation - United Force
38. DJ Mystery - Virtual Reality
39. Philippe Rochard - The World
40. D.E.A.D. Man & Der Prediger - Gimme Wuazzzzaaaaaa
41. DJ Zany - Feel the Drums
42. Deepack Vs Showtek - Rockinґ Steady
43. Sam Punk - Drogstore Cowboy
44. Philippe Rochard - Waazaaa
45. Thalamus - Flash Forward
46. DJ Duro - Cocaine Motherfucker
47. Max B. Grant Vs the Ripper - Gimme Five
48. Tornadozzer - Soundfuck
49. Gerardo Roschini - Drummashine
50. The Masochist - Kill the Remix

Pass: lime

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Evo ga - full verzija (3.7 GB)!

stalker (Dalje)

Trackmania united

 Nova Trackmania!


Rar Password:


Megashares link:

Install notes:
1. Burn or mount with deamon tools.
3. Install the game using serials:
4. Copy the cr*cked content from the /crack directory on the DVD to your installation directory.
5. Play the game.

Counter-strike Source portable

Arhivu raspakujete na svoj USB disk... 


War front - turning point


Resident evil 4

As U.S. agent Leon Kennedy looks into the abduction of the President's daughter, his investigation leads to a mysterious location in Europe.
Encountering unimaginable horrors, he must find out what is behind the terror.

Password :


Download 2 (megashares):


Download 3(FTP):


post updated on 17th may 2007.

Thrill Kill (PSX)


Zvanicno najnasilnija igra ikada! Tabacina za 2 do 4 igraca za prvi Playstation, radi dobro preko emulatora. 


Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Najbolji MK koji je izasao za komp! U arhivi je patch i uputstvo za igranje na Windows XP-u.

velicina:111 MB 


Odvojen XP patch:

Korisni dodaci za Firefox

Firefox rulz, Microsoft nek kupi prnje i spali IE :)

Opste je poznato da je Mozilla Firefox daleko bolji od Internet explorera (koji je, ako mogu da dodam, cisti krs, a nadam se da neko iz Microsofta ovo cita). Svima je jasno i zasto - bezbedniji surf, veca stabilnost i velika baza korisnih dodataka. O tome ce biti reci u ovom tekstu...

Baza svih dodtaka (extenzija) za Firefox se nalazi ovde. Mozete je pretrazivati po kategorijama ili ukucati u search polje sta vam treba.

Prvo cu opisati extenzije koje koristim:
Download embedded
cupanje flash i drugih sadrzaja (npr. Quicktime filmova)

povezivanje Firefoxa sa download managerima

sluzi za upload slika. mozete poslati veliki broj slika odjednom na Imageshack ili Photobucket, a onda na desni klik dobijate sve potrebne linkove (thumbnails za sajtove i forume, direktni linkovi, hotlink)

Video Downloader
super stvar ako ste ikada pozeleli da downloadujete film sa YouTube i slicnih servisa,radi savrseno

Stumble Upon
random surfovanje,pronalazenje slicnih stranica, "socijalizacija" medju surferima

za sve chattere - ono za sta vam je nekad trebao odvojen program imate u malom dodatku za najbolji browser na svetu

Sledece dodatke jos nisam isprobao a drugi ih preporucuju:
podsetnik za vazne datume

za slusanje muzike dok surfujete, dodaje kontrolu playera i informacije o pesmi/albumu/izvodjacu (upravo probao,necu ga nikad brisati)

Download Statusbar
Umesto u zaseban prozorcic,sve downloade stavlja u svoj statusbar.

Samo ime mu kaze.Kontekstni meni sa BBCode tagovima za forume,npr.bold,italic,quote,etc...podrzava i HTML tagove.

Jos dve sitnice koje ne spadaju u standardne dodatke:
-Pretrazivanje: Firefox u gornjem desnom uglu ima polje za pretrazivanje koriscenjem brojnih sistema (Google, Yahoo,Amazon,Wikipedia...). Levi klik na ikonicu pretrazivaca da izaberete koji sistem zelite a Manage search engines omogucava da dodate jos neke pretrage (na primer IMDB za filmove).
-Backup: "bolje spreciti nego leciti", tj. backup je dobro praviti cak i kada vam ne treba. za to sluzi MozBackup. Moze da pravi backup bilo koje verzije Firefoxa i Thunderbirda, sa dosta opcija sto se tice materijala koje cete spasavati (bookmarks,history,cookies,sacuvane sifre...).